Level 1 – General Section (English)

As part of our initiative to partner with Jesus in his heart for the restoration of families, we started a school for parents in 2018. In this new semester of 2023 we have restructured our school now named “Efective parenthood” and with this change we have opened the classes in English. Over the years, our school has empowered hundreds of parents to be their best for their children. We not only teach basic parenting skills, but we also provide parents with tools to build bridges between their children and themselves. The heart behind this school is to “turn the hearts of fathers (and mothers) to their children, the hearts of children to their fathers (and mothers)” according to Malachi 4:6.

  • Level 1: General section • Starts March 15th @ 7pm
  • Last day to sign up: March 22nd
  • Classes are via ZOOM
  • Course length: 7 weeks


  1. The priesthood of parents
  2. How to handle social media at home
  3. Gender Identity
  4. Prevention in family violence (L.A. County)
  5. How to discipline our children according to the bible
  6. Reducing stress at home, resolving family conflicts
  7. The art of forgiving in the family context

For any other questions, please call : 818-600-2205



If you are taking this class to present your child, please take note of the following requirements:

  • Attend to houses of Light Church.
  • Parents need to take the first level of “effective Parenthood” classes.
  • Presentation is only for children under 5 years old.
  • Both parents are required to attend the presentation ceremony.



Mar 22 2023


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